Is It Safe To Go to The Gym Amidst the Pandemic?

Though gyms and fitness centers have started reopening as COVID-19 restrictions lift across the nation, health experts and scientists from around the world believe that going to the gym until the pandemic is over is a terrible idea.

According to them, gyms and fitness facilities are amongst the high-risk areas for COVID-19 and pose the most risk. So, people should avoid them at all costs.

Why going to the gym is not in your best interest

The previous findings on the transmission of the virus suggest that the virus can also spread in poorly ventilated areas and crowded indoor settings through aerosols that remain suspended in the air and travel farther than 1 meter.

This means if an infected person breathes, coughs, or sneezes in such settings, the aerosol particles dispersed in the air can spread the virus throughout the space, exposing others to the infection.

Plus, during high-intensity workouts, heavy breathing is common, which spreads respiratory droplets even further.

Since most gyms and fitness centers in the US do not have proper ventilation and are indoors, the risk of contracting the virus during indoor workouts is significantly high. This holds for those who have got their COVID jabs and follow safety guidelines while hitting the gym.

So, what to do to remain healthy amidst the pandemic?

Health experts and fitness instruction say that outdoor workouts are safer than indoor workouts since the chances of virus transmission outdoors — where the air is fresh and moving — are significantly low compared to the risk of transmission in confined spaces.

Outdoors, it’s more likely that any virus in the air, including COVID-19, will disperse quickly, reducing the risk of transmission. However, those exercising outdoors should not overlook the importance of safety guidelines, such as wearing a mark, maintaining social distance, and frequently washing hands. These guidelines still play a crucial role in combating the virus transmission and keeping you safe.

Besides outdoor workouts, home workout still remains the best way to maintain health and fitness.

Start your outdoor workout today

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